The Basic Tips on How to Organize the Bedroom

The bedroom is the only room in the house where you start and end your day. It would be very stressful to rest in a room that is messy. Dirty clothes on the floor, tangled jewelries and shoes all over. It would be difficult to find a pair of socks or pantyhose on a messy drawer.

It’s about time for you start cleaning up your environment starting with your house. If you are sharing the room with someone, it would be advisable to talk about the clutter problem and come up with a solution. Like husband and wife, certain decision has to be made by both parties such as where to live and how they are going to spend money. It’s true that there are couples that are living in a house of clutter. They tend to hold on to items that are of value to their lives from one time or another.

How to Organize the Bedroom

  • Pick up everything on the floor

Create four piles for clutter such as the trash pile, keep pile, uncertain and give away pile. Trash piles are for items you don’t need anymore and cannot be used by anyone else. Keep pile is where you will place your dirty laundry or clean clothes. Giveaway pile is where you will put items that you do not want to keep but can still be used by others. Uncertain pile would be for items that want to keep but does not belong to the room.

  • Empty the Closet

Remove all the contents of your closet, and then sort everything from pants, shirts, socks, etc. Hung items that need to be hung and fold things that can be folded. Any items that you have a lot of should be placed or stored in one area, corner or drawer of the cabinet. A shoe rack would be great for shoes, if you have a lot and has nowhere to put it.

  • Wash the Sheet and Dirty Clothes

Remove the sheet and wash it as well as the dirty clothes. Make the bed with a new set of sheets. Nothing beats the smell of fresh crisp newly washed sheets. This will liven up the room because the bed is the centerpiece of the bedroom.

  • Organize Dresser Tops

Organize your cosmetics items and wipe off the dust. Use racks to organize items, which that can be bought from your local house wares. Remove items that should not be in your room.

  • Clean

It’s time to use that vacuum cleaner, sweep the floor and wipe off the dusts.

Now that the room is clean you need to maintain the cleanliness by using storage bins such as metal storage bins for items that you brought inside your room and make sure to return it to its proper place in the morning or when you are finished with it. Also try to do laundry as soon as the hamper is full. Change your sheets at least twice a month. Establish a routine and make organizing a part of your daily life.

Portable Storage Options for the Home or Office

Many of us have used or have needed storage bins. Storage bins have long been used as ways of safekeeping our belongings. This article will discuss portable storage options and its many benefits and varieties. We will look at both portable storage options, as well as metal storage bins, in particular storage bins that can be moved about in the home or office.

What are possible portable storage options?

Storage bins built to store and maintain goods. However, there are some portable storage options that allow you to move your valuables about in the home or office. Not to be confused with traditional storage bins, portable means just that. There are various types of storage options available today. Listed below are some of the more reliable portable storage options available.

Edsal Galvanized Steel Storage Utility Bin

This was voted as a five star product by consumers who have used it. The Edsal galvanized steel storage bin is ideal for anyone who is always inching their way in a cluttered work environment. Most stores offer this as a set of six wide mouth utility bins that are11-inch deep capable of fitting most shelving units. It has a rolled edge handle design for easy and comfortable transport. Its durable, galvanized steel constructiongray finish, and rust and corrosion-resistant feature on every bin makes this a set you can rely on.

Household Essentials Storage and Organizer small tapered bin

This is another product that is receiving high praises from consumers. This tapered bin is sturdily produced with a metal frame for extra stability. Its body is made of cotton/polyblend and has wooden handles, perfect for carrying around in the home where kids are present.

River Ridge Home Products Storage bins

This storage bin is considered perfect to keep in the kids’ rooms, family room, or any other room in the house. This folding storage bin conveniently fits on the floor, on a closet shelf, book shelf or under a desk. It is made of sturdy non-woven polypropylene and paperboard and has open cut out handles for easy transport.

ECR 4 Kids 3 Tier Toy Storage organizer

This storage bin adds color and functionality to your child’s room. This easy-to-assemble, three-tier storage has twelve removable bins, with angle space to store your child’s art supplies, books, and much more. It is constructed in plastic with metal support bars and is tested as safe to use for keeping children’s things.

Although there are many different ways to store your valuables, metal storage bins are the best way to start when considering portable storage options. They are safe, secure, and a convenient way to store your things.

Organizing Clutters with Decorative Storage Boxes

Decorative storage boxes will offer the perfect solution to add extra space at home without interfering with the overall décor. With these boxes, you can deal with your clutter problem and enhance the feel and look of your living space at the same time.

Tips in Buying Decorative Storage Boxes

When shopping, you can find decorative boxes to store household items or office documents. There are definitely boxes available to suit your personal requirements and room décor. Keep the information below in mind if you want to make the right choice:

  • Decorative boxes for storage are available for sale at any major retailers. For the cheapest prices and largest selection, you should shop at the online retailers. You will have more than enough options to choose from as there is an astounding variety of boxes online in different sizes, shapes and patterns.
  • These storage units are made from a wide range of materials. In addition to the popular decorative cardboard storage boxes, you can find other materials such as wood, metal and canvas.
  • There are also dual-purpose decorative boxes that will offer multi functionality. These boxes are not only functional, but also have similar looks to some beautiful furniture pieces. Besides using them to store things, you can use the boxes as center tables, seating furniture or conversation pieces.
  • With varying sizes available, you could opt for a decorative box that is designed to open by removing, sliding, lifting or pulling a lid. These days, the decorative storage boxes with lids are becoming very popular. The lid on these boxes can be hinged or fastened with a lock, catch, clasp or adhesive tape. Some models have sections or compartments that will allow you to keep several items.
  • You can also find fabric covered decorative boxes if you are interested in the colorful and unique storage pieces. These boxes usually have eye-catching designs and bold patterns that can appeal to fashion forward individuals. Although fabric is used to cover up the panels, these storage units are made with durable frames.

Uses of Decorative Storage Boxes

At home, the decorative boxes will provide additional storage as well as add an unusual design element to any décor and room. Use these boxes to store items such as:

  • Magazines and DVD & CD Collections
  • Photos and Keepsake Items
  • Art and Craft Supplies
  • Toys and Books

At the office, the decorative boxes or baskets will help add flexibility and versatility to keep everything organized. Use the metal storage bins as decorative boxes to keep and store all your important files. When using these storage bins, the look of your work environment can improve significantly as your office will be free of clutter.

You should definitely choose the versatile, attractive and functional decorative storage boxes to organize your home or office in style. Although the boxes are readily available online at affordable prices, it could also be rewarding and exciting for you to create your own unique pieces.

Maximize Space with Stackable Storage Bins


Almost everyone has a problem with storage, regardless of the amount of space available or how much items he or she owns. Thankfully, there are several options available today so you don’t have to sell or throw away your precious items or even rent storage units for hundreds of dollars. If you are looking for the ideal solution for your space requirements, you can consider the stackable storage bins. The information will describe the different types as well as their ideal uses and advantages.

Different Types Stackable Storage Bins

These storage bins are available on the market in a variety of sizes and types for specific purposes including the stackable bins to store pet food. They are made from various materials such as metal and plastic. Check out some of the different types that you will find:

  • Open Stackable Bins: These are often used in pantries or work areas to store supplies or tools.
  • Bins with Lids: These are ideal for items that you are not using regularly such as the holiday decorations.
  • Large Stackable Storage Bins: This type of bins may come with slide out drawers, offering easy access to items.

Uses and Advantages

  • The stackable bins will make great additions to your home if you have limited storage space. They can be moved easily from one area to another, which makes them perfect for any room. You could use the bins to store kitchen gadgets, sheets, towels, clothing, shoes, CDs, DVDS, pictures, cleaning products and other items.
  • Use stackable storage bins with lids to keep your children bedrooms neat and tidy. You could use the bins to organize and store their toys, books and more.
  • Stackable containers are handy and extremely affordable for college students or young adults who are living on their own. They can serve as great alternative for dressers and filing cabinets.
  • The metal storage bins are ideal for the garage. You could get separate bins to store gardening supplies, automotive tools and so on.
  • These storage bins can also help you to save money and protect the environment. The plastic stackable bins can store all your recyclable items.
  • Some bins are compact and versatile. For instance, you don’t have to open the clear stackable plastic storage bins to see the items. This will help to spend less time looking for items.
  • The bins will help to free up valuable space and keep your precious items in a safe place. With these bins, your items will be kept neatly and safe from dirt, moisture and vermin.
  • Stackable storage bins can be found in many colors to help with your organization or blend easily with your existing decor. If you want, you could assign a certain color to each person or room.

Whether it’s for your home or office, you can find storage bins to satisfy your requirements. With these affordable, stylish and versatile storage solutions available, you don’t have to spend a fortune on rental units or get rid of your valuable items. Check out the stackable storage bins today as they can make a big difference in providing extra space and keeping your home organized.


Ka bar knives buying guide

A Brief History of Ka bar Knives:

The name of the company ka bar knives has a very interesting history. It all started in the year 1923 when the owner of the manufactured knife received a letter from a fur trapper. The letter imparted the news of how the fur trapper killed a bear with the aid of this particular knife. Since the words killed a bear were not quite legible and all they could make out was ka bar, the owner decided to name the knife ka bar knives.  The name has stuck till date and the knives produced by Ka bar are not only used by people world over but are also the official knives carried by the US marine and army corps.

The Ka bar combat knife- the deadliest combat knife ever:

The Ka bar combat knife has the following features

  • Akin to a bowie knife, it has a 7 inch clip point blade
  • Blade is made up of point steel
  • The handle  grips are made from kraton
  • Came to be used in the Second World War, when the soldiers realized that the knives from the First World War were hardly suitable to their needs.
  • These knives are not only for the army personals but are also used to dig trenches, open cans and also cut and dig roots.
  • These knives have always been known for their resilience, stability and hardiness.
  • It’s also a knife of preference of both men and women of service, those who are knife collectors and people who are into survival sports.

How are Ka bar knives made?

  • The first process is that of blanking, the knives are blanked to small pointed piece from long sheets of metal. It is said that Ka bar produces an average of 9000 knife blades in a single day
  • After blanking the knives undergo tang stamping, during which the name, design and logo of the company are engraved on to the knife’s blade.
  • The knives are then passed through a Cryogenic quenching process
  • The blades are then passed through a heat treated oven
  • After that the knives are tempered in a walk in oven for further enhancing the quality of the steel by tempering
  • Grinding , the knives are either grinded flat and hollow to suit every need
  • Later on the blades are attached to the leather handles and each knife is then scrutinized for any defects or variations. 

The best Ka bar knives

Following are some of the best Ka bar knives available at Amazon

KA-BAR US Army Fighting/Utility Knife Straight Edge

These ka bar knives come along with the following features

  • This knife is a version of the US Army fixed blade knife
  • Handle made with leather
  • Straight edged
  • Blade length is 7 inches
  • 1095 chrome vanadium blade

The best thing about this knife is that the blade is thick and hard and inspires confidence in the user.  The hardness of the steel allows this knife to be used in some of the harshest survival conditions. The seven inch length also ensures that the knife can be used for various operations from trenching to cutting grass and roots as well.

Most customers who bought this knife are of the opinion that it has an amazing blade and not only that the knife is also very durable and strong. The sturdy leather handle makes sure that the knife lasts for a very long time indeed and can be subjected to a great deal of wear and tear. It’s a real classic and has been used by army personal for ages and is known for its resilience and stability.

KA-BAR #1213 Black Straight Edge Knife / Hard Sheath

This stylish knife comes along with the following features

  • Plain edged blade
  • The length of the blade is 7 inches
  • The material of the blade is carbon steel

Designed and engineered to perfection, this solid knife has the greatest amount of admirers ever. The blade is incisive and razor sharp and can be used for a variety of purposes.  It also comes along with a kydex sheath which is great protection for the knife’s blade, the sheath also has a built in locking mechanism which makes it a great tool for protecting the knife and its blades from the elements. It’s a great knife for those people who are into survival sports or extreme sports. It could also be called a militants best friend. You can perform a number of tasks with the help of these knives, from cutting branches digging holes to sharpening wood. You name it and there’s no function that this knife cannot perform.

Most customers who bought this knife are of the opinion that it’s a great knife because it’s practical, handy, well designed, and serviceable as well as efficient. It’s also a great value for money. It’s also got a better grip then most other knives and is terrific to hold because of its added weight and strength. It’s a well crafted knife and it’s apparent from the way it has been designed and the quality of the materials used is a- one as well. 

KA-BAR Fighting/Utility Serrated Edge Knife with Hard Sheath, Black

This handy and utilitarian knife comes along with the following features

  • Black utility knife with a serrated edge
  • The blade is easy to sharpen and made with 1095 CRo_Van steel
  • The handle is manmade and made of kraton G
  • The edge’s angle is 20 degress and the blade length is 7 inches
  • Weighs 0.65 pounds

The serrated edge allows the knife to cut through curved and looped synthetic materials. The handle has a soft grip and is quite easy to handle.  It would make a great utility or survival knife and has all the right features which make it easy to use and handle as well.

Most customers who bought this knife are of the opinion that this knife performs extremely well and is efficient as well as sturdily built. The design is such that the knife is easy to handle and operate. It’s an ideal knife because its practical, well designed as well as useful. It can be used in the most extreme survival conditions. If you are an avid camper or tracker, then this knife would surely come in handy at all times.  The rubbery texture allows the knife to be used in the wettest of conditions without you having to worry about it slipping from your hands. It’s a great knife for anyone who’s looking to buy a knife which is not only affordable but also a great survival knife. The knife seems to be made from the best quality material. The best thing is that this knife is made in America and is a knife manufactured by a brand which has been trusted for more than 70 years on producing well crafted, quality knives.  The knife also has excellent slashing quality because of the serrated edge. This gives this knife an advantage over other knives.  The handle also is made from a material which doesn’t rot. So what are you thinking, go ahead and get one for yourself today!

KA-BAR Full Size US Marine Corps Fighting Knife, Straight

This stylish knife comes along with the following features

  • Stylishly designed  fixed blade knife
  • Made from 1095 Cro-Van steel
  • Handle is made of leather
  • Blade size is 7 inches
  • Straight edged blade
  • Made in USA, sheath made in Mexico

This knife was originally designed for the American troops fighting in the Second World War.  It’s also a great hunting knife and has all the specific features which make it stand apart from the other available knives.  This knife is lethally efficient and comes in real handy during certain survival situations where they often seem to be a last survival resort.  The slack leather handle makes sure that you have an exceptional grip. It’s also comparatively larger than other knives and works just as well too.

Most customers who bought this knife are of the opinion that it’s a highly recommended knife for those whose hobby it is to collect rare and beautiful knives. It also serves as a great combat tool and can be used for a variety of other purposes as well.  The sheath offers great protection for the knife and since it’s made of pure leather and is really well oiled, it will protect your knife from all the elements. Therefore this knife is less prone to damage and you can count on using it for a very long time indeed. Another great thing about this knife is its exclusive design and construction which sets it apart from all its contemporaries.  The 1095 steel blade allows you to sharpen your knife as you please and gives it a great cutting edge as well, however one thing which you must keep in mind when handling this knife is that once you have used it you ought to put it back in its sheath or you might end up having a knife with a rusty blade. Overall a great knife for just about anyone!

Keep Stuff Safe in Metal Storage Bins

Metal storage bins have many uses. It can be used at home, at the office, at the store, at the restaurant or at the warehouse. The uses of metal storage bins are limitless. They can even be used for decorating the house.

There are several types of stackable storage bins and metal bins for storage. There are steel storage bins, aluminum storage bins and galvanized metal storage bins. It also comes in a wide range of sizes and designs. There are small metal storage bins for keeping jewelries and trinkets. There aremedium sized metal storage bins for keeping documents. There are also large metal storage bins for keeping huge items. There are metal storage bins with lids and there are also bins without lids.

Benefits of having metal storage bins

There are several advantages of using metal storage bins and storage boxes compared to other kinds of storage bins.

  • Fireproof - Unlike wood and plastic, it is very difficult to burn a metal. Using a metal bin will give more protection to the items that you have stored in it. There are even metal storage bins that were made completely fireproof so even if the entire building burns down your important things will not burn down.
  • Termite proof – Documents are safer if they are stored in metal storage bins because termites can’t get to them and eat them. That is one of the problems of wooden storage bins—termites. These nasty little things will gnaw anything that it gets its pincers into, including your important documents.
  • Durable - Metal is more durable than any kind of material. It can last longer than wood and plastic. The only problem with metal is rust. However if it is thoroughly painted and coated the rusting problem will be solved. This means that it can be used for many years.
  • Heavy Duty – You can use metal storage bins for storing even the heaviest things. That is one reason why a container van, which is used for shipping, uses metal storage, because it is heavy duty.
  • Affordable- One of the advantages of using metal storage bins is that it is cheaper than other materials. There are some that are more expensive but if you add the length of the years that you can still use it, you can say that it is very cheap.

Other uses of metal storage bins

Metal storage bins are not only for storing documents and other things. It also has other uses.  These are the other uses of metal storage bins:

Display container

You can use your metal storage bins to display your wares. The good thing in using metal as display container is that it can hold heavier stocks without you worrying that it will break. There are also customized metal containers that you can use to display delicate products like cakes.

Accenting the house

Metal storage bins give a rustic feel. You can find used bins from the antique shop and even at junk shops and then refurbish it and use it to decorate your house. These things are very cheap, too.

There are a lot uses for metal storage bins and the best thing is that it can even last you a long time. Visit your favorite hardware or home improvement stores now to get the best deals on these bins.

The advantages of Ka bar knives

Ka bar knives are one of the oldest survival knives which have been used by militants as well as survival enthusiasts. There are a number of reasons why a ka bar knife is the most well suited knife for just about anyone.

  • Ka bar knives are great for cutting and slicing through just about anything.
  • These are great for digging and splitting as well
  • Often serve the purpose of self defense
  • A great first aid tool, you never know when you might need it whenever you are out on an expedition in the great outdoors
  • Ideal to be used by avid campers. Can help you in preparing shelter, slicing through food, fire making (cutting logs) and great hunting weapons.
  • These knives also make great prying tools and often serve the purpose of a make shift screw driver.

What sets the Ka bar knives apart from all the other knives?

There are a number of factors which set the Ka bar knives apart from the other knives, these include

The Sharpest blades ever:

Ka bar knives are often praised because the blade of these knives is real sharp.  The length of the blade also plays an essential role. Designed to be about 7 inches, the ka bar knife blade is neither too small and nor too big. The advantage here is that you can easily perform skilled tasks like carving a game to more rugged tasks like striking it through hard wood and chopping.

Ka bar fixed blade knives work wonders

The fixed blade knives are an essential tool for any survival enthusiast.  The knife is ideal for pounding and chopping as well as any sort of meticulous or laborious cutting.

The blade made from Carbon steel

The blade of the ka bar knives is made of carbon steel. It gives the knife an extra edge because it is less prone to rusting and is a great deal sharper than regular steel blade knives.

Exclusive sheath design

The sheaths which come along with the ka bar knives are a different story altogether. They are designed to make your knife last for the longest possible time and are not only durable but quite stylishly designed as well. The sheath helps protect the knife from all sort of elements. Often a survival enthusiast must have been thankful for a sheath to protect the knife from elements like wind and rain often which might cause the knife to rust.

Serrated and non serrated blades

Ka bar knives come in both designs and each serves its purpose well. So no matter which kind of Ka bar knife you prefer, there is a pair out there which is just right for you.

Budget friendly

A knife which offers complete protection as well as a number of other survival advantages and priced in a budget which is affordable by just about anyone is a real steal. Ka bar knives are designed for every sort of function yet by no means cost so much as to break your bank.

So don’t think too much, invest in a great set of Ka bar knives. Either you are the outdoor type or simply a knife collector, ka bar knives are for everyone.

The History of Ka bar Knives

The history of the Ka bar knives dates back to the initial 19th Century, Ka bar has been producing top quality knives which feature excellent craftsmanship and superior design. For a company to be designing knives for almost a century, it is indeed a great achievement that everyone from war veterans to present day survival enthusiasts has always raved about their products. Ka bar knives are designed to withstand even the roughest conditions. Time and again a pair of Ka bar knives has stood the test of time and proven to be strong, resilient as well as sturdy. Following are some of the important events in history which mark the milestones achieved by Ka bar.

The late 19th century

During the 1800s the US cutlery industry started taking its roots, in 1897 a group of 38 individuals formed together a group to manufacture and sell cutlery. This development is now what was considered as the formation of the initial Ka bar company. In 1898, the company started selling its wares and the first of the Ka bar knives were sold to people.

The early 20th century

The 1900’s marked the beginning of the Ka bar industry in Olean, New York. After its success the company in England closed down and all materials to be manufactured started being produced in the US. During the 1920’s the manufacturers of the Ka bar knives receive an illegibly written letter in which a furrier explains how the knife helped him kill a bear when his gun deserted him in his time of need. The words kill a bear were hardly legible and looked something like K a bar. Thus the company adopted and patented the name Ka bar knives and started inscribing it on the entire cutlery produced by their company.

In the time during Second World War a Ka bar knife was presented to each and every army personal. The reason for adopting a ka bar knife was that the army personals felt that the knives used in the First World War did not serve their purpose and they needed a knife which was durable as well as handy.  The Marine Corps too started using a revised version of the Ka bar knife as their fighting or utility knife.

The company changed hands many times, different families owned the patent for long periods of time yet none deemed it correct to change the name of the company in any way.


The late 20th century

Today Ka bar knives is located in its original place of origin, that is Olean New York. More than five manufacturing representative firms are involved in the production of the knives and are spread throughout the United States.  The knives are designed to be suited for the harshest of conditions and come in protective sheaths, which are either made of leather or rubber often with clip on so as to avoid the knife falling out from the sheath and causing injury. Most knives sport a 7 inch blade which is the trademark size for most Ka bar knives and are designed to be sturdy as well as resilient. It’s the kind of knife, if well cared for can last you for the longest possible time.

Ka bar knives are an army personals best friend

Many a soldiers who fought in the Second World War might have a tale to tell you about the ka bar knife at one point or the other helped save their lives. Whether it was to survive in the harshest of conditions or to indulge in a combat with the soldier from the other country, ka bar knives have helped soldiers throughout their crusades.  That’s why it can easily be ascertained that a ka bar knife is an army personal’s best friend.

Why choose ka bar knives

There are a number of reasons why ka bar knives hold a forte over other knives in general, below are few of those reasons which sets a ka bar knife apart from its predecessors.

  • Ka bar has been making knives for more than a century since 1898; they make knives for survival sports and other sports such as hunting.
  • However their specialty is designing knives mainly for the purpose to be used as military and combat knives.
  • Ka bar knives have been used by the US Army personals as well as the US Marine Corps.
  • A ka bar knife is not only well designed but is also robust, durable, hard wearing and tough.
  • More than often a ka bar knife has proved to be the only best friend an army personal has in wilderness or the harshest of survival conditions.
  • Men and women who are still in the service often choose a ka bar knife because ka bar makes the best military and tactical knives ever.

From the above points it is pretty obvious why a ka bar knife is often an army or marine personals first choice. Time and again ka bar knives have been used by these people in harsh situations which often warranted an immediate act of confrontation. Without the help of these versatile and multipurpose knives it would have become difficult for these people to survive in such severe and austere conditions.

The best quality of the ka bar knives is that they remain sharp throughout the time and hardly need to be sharpened time and again. There are also a number of functions which one can perform while using a ka bar knife. For example the blade made with carbon steel is quite resistant and stands the test of time. The sheaths in which the knives are enclosed are also top quality. The clip on present in the sheath makes sure that the knives stay in their place and are safe from all sorts of elements. However the knives need to be well oiled from time to time to ensure their longevity.

Get hold of a ka bar knife and see how it helps you perform a variety of functions with relative ease!

Review of the Ka-Bar 2-1211-6 Blk Fighting knife

Ka bar knives are designed with the utmost attention to high quality and standards. These knives are not only ideal for people serving in the Marine Corps or the army but are also a great tool for those who are into extreme survival sports. The Ka bar knife was first used in the Second World War when the army personals realized that the knives used in the First World War was obsolete and has no essential features which would help them during time of combat, after being used in the 1940’s these knives slowly started gaining the attention of those who were into survival sports. You could perform a number of functions with these knives, from taking it camping to help you chop a few logs as well as offer protection from burglars; there are few mean tasks these knives can’t attempt!

This stylishly designed knife comes along with the following features

  • 7 inch steel blade
  • Made from 1095 powdered carbon steel
  • Non slip Kraton G handle
  • Flat grind
  • Powdered metal butt guard
  • Weighs 0.65 pounds
  • Made in USA
  • Comes with a protective sheath to help keep the knife safe from all sort of elements.

The following are some of the pros of this knife

Sharp blade

The sharp blade makes this knife an ideal one to be used in survival sports and is also a great way of keeping yourself safe from intruders like wild animals during a camping trip.  The best part about it is that if you are not satisfied with the level of sharpness which this knife offers you can always get it sharpened according to your needs

1095 carbon steel blade

This carbon steel blade is comparatively harder then steel blades and thus this is what makes the knife quite sturdy and durable. The carbon steel is also easier to sharpen and a great deal harder than regular steel. However a coat of oil could do wonders for the maintenance of this knife.

Budget friendly

This knife is not only loaded with features which make it stand apart from all other knives but it’s also a steal in this price. To get a knife of such high quality and lasting value in this price is indeed a steal! 

Great knife for knife collectors

For those interested in collecting knives, this one comes along with all the right features. It’s almost like having a piece of history and owning it for yourself. Imagine how these knives had been used in the Second World War and now you own one as well. If you are a history buff and would like to own items which have had an important place in history then this is the right knife to invest in.

Great for people who are into survival sports

If you are the sort of person who enjoys survival sports like hunting and camping, then this is an ideal knife. It can help you shear pieces of logs as well as offer protection from wild animals.

All in all a great knife to own and comes with an amazing design and features.