Where to buy cheap kitchen cabinets

Amazing Chalkboard Cabinets

Renewing your kitchen cabinets probably sounds as a thrilling idea, but for your budget it might sound threatening. Although finding good-quality cabinets at cheap prices feels like a challenging job, there are actually lots of companies now in the market who offer affordable kitchen cabinets with satisfying quality. To save your time and effort, we’ve done the researches for you. Here’s a short list of some of the reputable companies that can supply you with cheap kitchen cabinets that are ready-to-assemble.

Cabinet Giant

Most customers who dealt with this company were more than satisfied about the quality of products and service. Cabinet Giant offers a very easy and fast way to help you come out with a new beautiful kitchen. Simply, by visiting their website you can explore the different cabinet designs they offer and then place your order online for the cabinets you want. Within a week or so cabinets you ordered will be delivered to your home.  That’s not all, but they offer as well a free design to help you make your kitchen as great as it can be. Cabinet Giant has a wide collection of various wood cabinets such as oak cabinets, maple cabinets and cherry cabinets.


This is a big store that has lots of products, not only cabinets. Lowe’s offers a wide range of kitchen cabinets styles with a wide range of prices as well, and so you will be able to find there cheap kitchen cabinets that suit your budget. They offer both custom and ready-to-assemble kitchen cabinets. Unlike Cabinet Giant, you can buy from Lowe’s either by visiting their stores or by shopping online via their website. Moreover, they will help you all the way through remodeling your kitchen starting from the design of the kitchen until the installation.


Ikea is another place where you can get cheap kitchen cabinets from. But it will suit you only if you are into modern style kitchens, as most Ikea furniture has the modern look and feel design. They really offer nice looking modern kitchen cabinet designs. But one thing about Ikea you need to consider, is that the kitchen cabinets are not made of real wood, but other materials such as medium density fiberboard (MDF). You can buy from Ikea ready-to-assemble cabinets either online or by visiting their big stores.

Wholesale Cabinets Warehouse

This company guarantees best quality and best price for you. Wholesale Cabinets Warehouse offers cheap kitchen cabinets made of Bamboo, Birch, Maple or Oak wood. In addition, they offer free kitchen design, free samples and free shipment within U.S. Every while and then they issue promotional discount coupons, so try to catch such offers to save more money. To purchase their kitchens, simply visit their website and place your order there.

Kitchen Cabinet Depot

Again, this will supply you with good quality wood cabinets at reasonable prices, and they even guarantee their products. Kitchen Cabinet Depot doesn’t offer only ready-to-assemble cabinets, but unfinished cabinets also which gives you the opportunity to save even more by finishing it at a lower rate. Additionally, they offer free shipping for purchases exceeding $1500.

How to clean kitchen cabinets

cleaning kitchen cabinets

Keeping kitchen cabinets clean ensures that your kitchen looks nice and clean. A dirty kitchen is not at the least welcoming and can be a major turn off for anyone who visits your place. However you must keep the following things in mind when cleaning kitchen cabinets.

  • Always wear rubber gloves while cleaning your kitchen cabinets to make sure you keep your hands protected
  • While cleaning the insides of the cabinets also make sure to clean the cabinets hardware and the hinges with a toothbrush and mild soap
  • Once you have emptied your cabinets make sure you take off any ripped paper and cork out as well.

Since kitchen cabinets are made of various materials, there are different methods for cleaning each of them.

Things you will need for cleaning kitchen cabinets

  • Rubber gloves
  • Clean pieces of cloth
  • Dish soap
  • Duster
  • Commercial cabinet cleaner
  • Furniture wax (if you are cleaning wooden furniture)
  • Sponge to wipe off the soap

Cleaning wood kitchen cabinets

When cleaning wood kitchen cabinets you have to make sure that you always test spot the cabinet’s surface so as to make sure that the soap is not harming the furniture’s finish. Keep the following steps in mind when cleaning kitchen cabinets

  • Empty all the pots and pans from the kitchen cabinets
  • Mix some mild soap and water and clean the insides of the kitchen cabinets with a wet wash cloth
  • Sponge of all the access soap
  • Wipe clean with a dry cloth.
  • Do the same for the cabinet doors, make sure you do test spot before wiping the door frames, if the finish is not affected, so ahead with the cleaning
  • Wipe off pieces of grime stuck on the cabinets with the scouring side of the sponge
  • You can apply furniture wax to your wood cabinets as the all purpose cleaner or soap might wipe off the wax as well, only do this when your cabinets are completely dry. 

Cleaning metal, vinyl and laminate kitchen cabinets

Keep the following steps in mind when cleaning metal, vinyl or laminate kitchen cabinets

  • Empty all the stuff from your kitchen cabinets
  • Use a gentle all purpose spray cleaner to clean the insides of your cabinet
  • Using a dry cloth dust off the interior and exterior of your cabinets for any left over spray cleaning residue.
  • Make sure you don’t clean your cabinets with soap or any other detergent apart from an all purpose cleaning spray because anything else might cause your cabinets to stain or loose their color.

Kitchen cabinets are pretty easy to clean but they require a gentle hand and diligent attention. By following the above mentioned tips you can keep your kitchen spick and span and the envy of anyone!

A clean kitchen is inviting and gives a nice a fresh feel to it.

Top rated kitchen cabinets

You have just started remodeling and you want to know which types of kitchen cabinets are top rated on the market, so this is an overview with the needed information that you will need for your upcoming remodeling project:

Basic cabinets, often inexpensive, they are ready to assemble and install. Because of the affordable price this type of cabinets have grown to be rated high on the top. If you don’t add much attention to the style this is the right money saving choice for you. The nice thing is that you can always add some personal touch in choosing the stalks or other hardware on this top rated kitchen cabinet; that way you’ll add some style to them. This type performs better tests than some more-expensive model. The negative thing is that you have limited options in trim options, sizes, and accessories. And it takes time for each set to assemble.

Basic cabinets

Midlevel cabinet is affordable choice if you are more to antique-looking kitchen. The fact that this type is one of the top rated kitchen cabinets shows that this type of cabinet has quality. As a semi-custom model, this type uses face-frame construction on which solid wood is placed. You can choose according to your taste. This type has various options on size, materials, finish, accessories and other. With this wide range of possibilities, places this type as the top rated kitchen cabinet. But, like the basic cabinets, the boxes may be with veneered particleboard rather than the higher-quality plywood. However, this type of kitchen cabinet is great choice if you don’t want to spend big amount of money, and your kitchen will look special without having you to spend all your savings.

Custom is made-to-order cabinets, and these models offer the most variety of style and storage options. Some of the semi-custom units can be charged as a full-custom unit, so this is nice option that allows you the freedom in choosing. Your kitchen can look chic and affordable for your pockets at the same time. If you choose cheaper materials, this option can really stick for your kitchen.

These 3 types are top rated kitchen cabinets, but before purchasing to the register after you choose your favorite type, consider different options as well. Renewing the old kitchen cabinets would cost you less that buying brand new ones. If you are finally sure in the choice that you’ve made, go for it. If you are more akin to light and bright colors in your kitchen then basic cabinets can really shine all that brightness that you crave for. If you are more into dramatic effect with darker colors then I believe antique-looking kitchen will catch everyone’s eye. Mixed colors can also make your kitchen look modern. Make sure that the kitchen has the efficiency you need, for example customized drawers are nice storage option. Use the given space, from floor to ceiling cabinetry is awesome use of space.

Good luck in choosing!

How to maintain your kitchen cabinets

kitchen cabinet doors

All dream of a happy family living in a sweet home with a nice living room, a bedroom and a kitchen etc. Everyone tries to keep his house as decorated as possible within his capability. A little consciousness about your household utensils can put a great impact to make your home a heaven and this becomes more rational when it comes to the matter of kitchen. Since kitchen is the most sensitive place of your house, you should have a well-maintained strategy to keep this place according to your penchant. Maintenance of the cabinetry takes the most part of kitchen maintenance and this article is going to inform how to maintain your kitchen cabinets.

Addition of hardware:

When you are done with the installation or replacement of your cabinet, you must go to your local home hardware store or online sites and bought some cabinet hardware like knobs, handles etc. These things will keep your precious cabinet from easy wear and tear. Most of the times we use our fingers to open the cabinets, but our fingers contain oil and dust which reduce the lifetime of our cabinet. 

Cleaning processes of cabinets:

If you want have a long live kitchen cabinet, you can’t compromise about its cleanliness. As we all know cooking is a gigantic task, it is a direct source of garbage. Your nicely cooked dishes emit smoke, which creates an apparent layer of grease, dust, dirt etc. on your cabinets. To remove this you can go through the cleaning processes at least twice a week.

  • The external part: For routine cleaning you can use a solution of detergent and warm water. You have to wet a clean cloth by dipping in it and simply rinse over the cabinets external area. If there is extra moisture, you should use a dry cloth to remove it. This works well but it is not perfect for removing heavy grease. To wash away the heavy grease, you have to use baking soda with the pervious solution; this has to be done over and over. If you found that the condition has become worse than you can think about the replacement of your kitchen cabinet doors.
  • Empty the cabinetry: Bring out your items from the cabinet and put them a side, then use the vacuum cleaner to remove the crumbs and other solid debris. You can do it for the drawers also.
  • The interior part: Sometimes we keep open the doors of our cabinets while cooking. This may cause damaging of interior parts. You should follow the same procedure of removal dust described for the exterior part but it does not need hard rinsing as the exterior. 

Keep your cabinet dry

You must be conscious about keeping the cabinet dry, as liquid items may fall in the cabinet house. When you finish the job of scrubbing, it is better to keep the doors of cabinet open so-that it can be dried properly. This interval could be the best time to throw away the out of dated items.

Application of wax

Application of wax is an easy trick to protect your cabinets from grease, dust and moisture. You have to find out a furniture wax, normally found in liquid and paste form which is suitable for your cabinetry. Be careful about the direction of applying wax, it must be in the direction of grain.  A spray can also be applied but it should be noted that spay operation must be done into a rag not over the cabinet surface. This trick could be applied once in every six months.

Addition of cabinet lining

This is another way of protection which helps to protect your cabinets from being damaged by water and it can also prevent the glassware from breaking down.A healthy kitchen is an important condition of providing healthy food. So, it is necessary to keep your kitchen clean and sound.

How to Plan a Bathroom Makeover Project?

Bathroom Makeover Project

Planning is the most important part of decorating or having a makeover on anything. Without a proper plan, it can easily turn into a disaster. In planning, there are a lot of things to consider. Each of them should be studied and analyzed carefully and at the same time consider how each factor affects each other.

Planning a makeover for your bath is not an easy job to do. It requires many skills and time to do it properly. It can be hard if you don’t plan for it at all.

This article will help you to plan for your makeover. Each step will give you a detailed description or advice on how to go about bathroom makeover.

SPACE–The space of a room will always be the very first thing to consider in planning for a makeover. The capacity of the bathroom should always be known and considered, not just in some of the planning steps, but all of the steps in order to have an accurate design for the bathroom makeover. Measuring the area of the bathroom is the best way to go about this step. Having the exact measurements will help in choosing the correct size of the things you want to put in your bathroom. Through the help of the measurements, the bathroom will not be too crowded (because of too big things) and there will be enough space for people to move inside the bathroom. Knowing the exact space and measurement of the room, you can now picture how big you want your bathroom vanity will be.

STYLE and THEME–Picking a style and theme is one of the hardest steps in having a bathroom makeover. It is because the theme and style should not be too classy but at the same time not too simple. This is the step where you have to make a huge stand and will affect the rest of the design and outcome of the bathroom makeover. In this step, you will now determine what color or at least shade colors that you want your bathroom to have. The theme you will pick will also determine what style you will have in the bathroom. For some people, they find it hard to pick the theme and style first, so they first pick a large piece of what the bathroom should have – the bathroom vanities. From that piece’s design/style/theme, they will use it as a starting point in choosing the theme and style of the whole bathroom. This is easier because you will choose the best bathroom vanity design that you can see. You can choose either wholesale bathroom vanities or not. Either way, you will find the best bathroom vanity for you.

DESIGN – The most common and biggest design of the bathroom is the bathroom vanities. There are many design for these. There are very expensive designs, but it some also offers wholesale bathroom vanities. It is up to you what you want. Choosing the best bathroom vanity is very important because it is the largest design of your bathroom and it is considered as the masterpiece of the room. It is not just an accessory that you put into the bathroom. The bathroom vanities have varieties of features to offer and each of it you should consider because it will be very useful in picking the right one for you. Setting aside the biggest design in the bathroom, there are others simple and small designs that should not be taken advantage of – such as wallpapers, tiles, and the likes. These are just simple designs, but if you put them all together, they make a difference. Just remember to not over do it because most of the time, simplicity is the best design.

ARRANGEMENTS – A bathroom is not very big compared to other rooms. Planning for the arrangement of the designs and stuffs that you are considering putting in the bathroom should be done before putting them physically into the bathroom. Usually, in putting together all the designs of the bathroom, you change your mind due to different reasons. It is best to do it while planning the arrangement rather than doing it while you are arranging it already in the bathroom, which will look a little chaotic and would take more time. Know where to place the bathroom vanity and other stuffs before putting it there to be more organized.

PUTTING – It may seem weird that this is a part of the steps to help you in having a bathroom makeover, but this step is usually forgotten but very helpful. In putting the designs and vanities in the bathroom, one should know what to put first so that it would not be hard to put the other things. First and foremost, you should always put the designs on the wall like windows, wallpapers, and others that will be put into the wall. After that, the designs on the floors like mats, carpets, and other flooring designs that you have. Then put the centerpiece (bathroom vanity) in its place. If there are other designs, you will put it last. Usually these other designs are the small accessories you put in the bathroom.

FINALIZE – look at what you have created. Do the finishing touches of the bathroom makeover.

These are the steps that would help you in going about bathroom makeovers. It is hard and time consuming, but it is a fun thing to do, especially when you want a new ambiance or a new look for your bathroom. Besides, your bathroom will have a personal touch when you personally do the makeover.

Best kitchen knives set

When we speak about cooking, we have to pay special attention to probably the most significant kitchen tool- the knife. It’s very important for cooks to have the right type of knife, before they begin with the cooking process. You have the opportunity to purchase just one separate knife or you can opt for the better deal and buy an entire kitchen knives set. The choice is yours, but you should remember that having kitchen knives set will provide you with a number of different sizes and types of knives, which will make the cooking process more pleasant and easier.

In order to help the customers in their quest to find the right kitchen knife set for their needs, here are the top three kitchen knife sets:

Henckels Twin Pro S Knife Set

Henckels Twin Pro S Knife Set

For over 270 years, Zwilling J A Henckels has been making high-quality knives for the different needs of the customers. This company is one of the best knife manufacturers in the world and it also offers a large variety of knife series, which are perfect for both professionals and amateurs. The Twin Pro S series is offering you high-quality and affordable products, thus making it one of the most popular brands of the company. All of the knives from this set are forged, except for their handles, which are welded and not forged. This feature weakens the strength of the handle, but it makes this set not that expensive.

Global Knife Block Set

Global Knife Block Set

The Global Company began to operate in 1985, specializing in manufacturing of cutlery and the headquarters of the company is located in Japan. In the beginning, the company was not that popular among the customers, but in the recent years Global has become one of the most famous knife manufacturers around the globe. In order to resist corrosion and have a better hold of the edge, the stainless steel used for the forging of all Global knives, is ice hardened. You can find knives for almost every possible need. This particular set of knives is a great choice for chefs, who prefer to work with not so large kitchen knives and expect professional quality.

Chicago Cutlery Fusion Knife Set

Chicago Cutlery Fusion Knife Set

It’s not a secret to anyone that high-quality knives are costly. However, there’s one significant exception to this rule and this exception is known as Chicago Cutlery Fusion. This company is renowned for its manufacturing of high-quality knives, which come at affordable prices. Company’s knives are perfect for everyday use. There’s no need for frequent sharpening of the knives, because they remain sharp for a longer period of time, due to the taper-grind technology used in the manufacturing of the knives.

When you are searching for the right kitchen knives set, customers have plenty of options to choose from. Professional chefs and housewives are well aware of the fact that knives are one of the most essential kitchen tools. Take under consideration all of your kitchen cabinet plans and decide on what suits your cooking needs and kitchen the most.

Top Kitchen Cabinet trends for 2014

Kitchen is the heart of every home and a beautifully designed kitchen adds elegance to the entire home.  A well-designed kitchen has a good floor plan, lighting system, ventilation plan, and exquisite kitchen furniture.


Kitchen design trends for 2014

See-through:  Open shelves and glass doors are rapidly catching up.  But, choose the components carefully to avoid a clumsy look.  You can choose between painted cabinets and painted shelf walls, and between colored glass doors or colored wood shelves.  Do-It-Yourself is quickly catching up – try the DIY designing with a combination of graphics and wallpapers across the kitchen cabinets.  This process is not very time-consuming and allows you to change the appearance of your kitchen more often A great idea if you have kids – you can design theme-based kitchen cabinets.  

Go Green:  A green kitchen is the best bet – it is contemporary, cost-saving, and environment friendly.  Exercise caution; make sure that all the products you use are tested for safety, efficiency, and durability.  You can use certified wood for flooring and kitchen cabinets.  Some solid hardwood furniture can be replaced with their par-excellent engineering products without comprising the look and durability – bamboo, re-cycled timber and cork wood furniture within the kitchen are eco-friendly and intricate options for a green kitchen.

Palette: Many designers and furniture outlets agree that homeowners are increasingly inclining to use black color in kitchens and using black granite and quartz for the kitchen counters.    Homeowners are also considering combination of black kitchen counters with soft, neutral, and lighter colored cabinets such as maple kitchen cabinets.  Warm colors like apricot ad yellows are increasingly being used in kitchens because they are soothing and appetizing

What’s cooking? Cooking hob and chimneys add that lavish look to your kitchen – a beautiful stove can make your kitchen look like a gourmet kitchen.  When you choose your stove and chimney, consider the factors such as the kitchen size, maintenance and the quantity of food that you cook daily.  Homeowners are shifting from high-end restaurant stoves to the ones that are designed specifically for home use.

Making Cakes and Coffee:  An emerging trend is using colored appliances a bright red blender and a aqua colored microwave  – but be careful don’t use all colors and make your kitchen look like an oddly ordered rainbow.  Alternatively, consider using removable colored decals and sheets on your appliances – they are not permanent and can be changed to match the evolving trends or just because you want a new look.

Back-it-up: Another design opportunity lies with backsplashes – in 2014 homeowners are expected to use bright, bold tiles.  Manufacturers now offer tiles with fancy geometric patterns, a combination of multiple colored blocks, and pictures of fruits, vegetables, and even coffee mugs. Using tiles with popular cartoon characters will   bring a smile on you after a tired day at work. There are just infinite options

Add that extra space: In 2014, creating space is a trend that will catch up – homeowners will open their kitchens to other adjacent rooms (like dining room) or re-arrange the kitchen’s layout, furniture and appliances to get a feeling of extra space.   A cleverly re-arranged granite or a hardwood plank doubles up as an attached bar occasionally and a dining space daily.

Is there an island?   The concept of kitchen islands is a recent trend, but is one of the most sought out features whether you buy a new home or design your kitchen.  A wisely selected kitchen island will have functional benefits in addition to providing the aesthetic look to your kitchen.  Kitchen islands are, however, good for kitchens that are spacious or they can congest the available space and reduce the beauty and functionality of your kitchen space.

Irrespective of what the latest trends say, the designs of your kitchen and all its components should create a sense of openness, happiness, and welcome feeling.  And you are the only one that can make this happen….

How can I benefit from a used storage container


A used storage container can be used for a number of things besides helping you move your stuff from one home to another. You can get really creative with storage boxes and use them for quite a number of things. 

Help keeps your stuff stay safe and protected

The various sizes of these boxes will help you determine what each can be used for, if you have loads of books you are never really likely to read but don’t have the heart to part with either. These storage containers can store about hundreds of books and also declutter your home as well. You can also store a number of other items like old clothes and shoes which hold lots of sentimental value for you. This way your home stays clean and all your old stuff is protected from dust and mites. The best part about these storage containers is that if they are around 12 ft tall, they can easily be kept in the garage. This way your house looks spick and span without all the knick knacks and those knick knacks though lying out of the house can be safe from all sort of natural elements.

A small play house for your kids

If the storage container is made of the wood, this adds to its durability and long life. This container can easily become a play house for your kids, throw in a number of toys and a few slides and swings and you have a small and cozy play area for your little ones. Now even the rain cannot deter your kids from playing outside and enjoying themselves. The storage container can also be kept in the garden and your kids will simply love it. It would be like their own special get away where they can hold secret club meetings and have a great time with their friends. Though they may feel that their privacy is protected is well, yet they are not too far away from your eagle eye either! The best example of storage containers used as children’s play places are like the one in Melbourne, Australia where four storage containers have been transformed into an activity center. This provides the kids with a safe and secure environment.

A small cubicle for your office

If you are operating in a real small space and would like to employ additional members to your staff but can’t do so because of lack of space. A big storage container can just be the answer to your prayers. A storage container made of sturdy steel can become a perfect cubicle for two or three extra people. All you need are a few desks and a few personal computers and viola, your little cubicle is all set and ready. Though you might need to add a little ventilation but that can be achieved by working out things with a reliable carpenter.

Where can I buy used storage containers?

There are a number of places from where you can purchase used storage containers

  • You can buy a used storage container from a friend who just bought one for moving house (though this is less of a possibility)
  • Some offices are willing to part with their used storage containers which have stop fulfilling their purpose. You can ask around and look up for some in classified ads
  • Last but not the least, the web is a whole new hub for buying and selling used stuff these days. There are a number of sites on the internet where you could purchase a used storage container. There’s a vast variety on display and come in all shapes and sizes according to your needs!

Importance of recycling plastic

recycling plastic

Plastic is a crucial material used in our daily lives in hundreds of ways (such as water bottles, soft drinks bottles, food plastic trays, ..etc). If you look around you, you will discover that most things are made up of plastic, even the laptop or cell phone you use to read this, is made from plastic. The reason why plastic is used in such an enormous way is that plastic has a lot of pros, such as light weight, durability, easy to shape and cheap. Although plastic is such an useful practical material, the dramatic increase of plastic waste is seriously threatening the environment. However, plastic recycling is somehow saving earth from those millions of tons of plastic waste produced every year.

Advantages of recycling plastic:

  • Reduce trash size in landfills: Plastic is non-biodegradable, which means plastic waste thrown in landfills can last for hundreds of years. In United states, about 32 million tons of plastic waste are produced every year. However, recycling some of this plastic waste helps in reducing the waste occupied by landfills and thus diminishing land pollution.
  • Save natural resources: Plastic is made from oil; about 4% of oil is used in manufacturing plastic worldwide. Although not very high percentage of oil used in plastic industry, re-using plastic products to make new ones still helps in reducing consumption of oil and save it from coming to extinction. In addition to this, recycling old plastic is cheaper  than manufacturing plastic from scratch, and thus cost wise it is better for the manufacturer to recycle the plastic.
  • Reduce greenhouse effect: Apparently, the globe is suffering from green house gases that are increasing significantly and causing global warming. Industry contributes in roughly 19% of green house gases emission (that is the 2nd largest source of green house gases in 2004). Moreover, incineration of plastic waste also results in emission of CO2. And hence recycling plastic is a wise solution since it reduces emission of green house gases twice; first by decreasing emission of gases resulting from plastic manufacturing industry, and second by reducing the size of plastic waste and thus less need for incineration.
  • Saves energy: Plastic industry involves energy consumption. In 2010, about 412 billion cubic feet (Bcf) of natural gas and 65 billion kilowatt-hours of electricity were used in US only in manufacturing plastic. Of course recycling plastic consumes energy as well, but much less than manufacturing plastic from scratch. Thus, recycling is better for the economy.

Recycling is trying to save the earth from pollution that is incredibly increasing. Unfortunately not all plastic types are easy to recycle. For example, polyethylene terephthalate and high density polyethylene  plastic (used in making water bottles, milk bottles, shampoo bottles) can be recycled easily, on the other hand Polyvinyl chloride and low density polyethylene plastic (used in making shower curtains, wrapping films and sandwich bags) are less commonly recycled. But anyways, recycling can start from your own home by optimizing the use of plastic. How? By re-using plastic bags more than once whenever possible, re-using same shopping bags every time you head to the supermarket instead of consuming new plastic bags everytime, drinking your coffee in a mug rather than disposable cup whenever possible, keeping sandwiches in reusable lunch box rather than disposable sandwich bags. Don’t forget that every little thing counts , so let’s all work together to save the environment.

Why photo prints are still relevant in the age of digital photography?

photo prints

Storing information in digital formats has become ubiquitous in every aspect of our day-to-day lives. Wherever possible, we have replaced paper-based documents with their electronic counterparts.  There are software applications that allow you to store, organize, share, and view any kind of documents.  Be it, your kids’ college study material, your monthly utility bills, your medical reports or the pictures of your recent vacation.

You can choose to store all of your photographs digitally on your home computer.  Alternately, you can select one of many photo sharing websites and upload all your photos on that website.  Stroing digital copies help you to preserve large number of photographs for really long periods of time with minimal effort and time.  However, here are reasons that tell you, why printed photographs are still relevant

Why photo prints?

  • Wider choices:  When you choose to get the prints of your photographs, you have wider options.  Though, there are some standard photo sizes available (like say 6*4), you can choose to print them in a size of your choice.   There are unlimited choices for storing the prints – you can use photo albums or photo boxes – which are easily available at a local departmental store or a photo studio or an online store at economic prices. 

You can carefully choose the photo album or photo box based on the size of the photographs, storage capacity (number of sheets in the album or the size of the photo box) and the material from which it is made.  For instance, an album made out of a synthetic material like plastic is easier to preserve in comparison to an album made out of paper, which is prone to damages from insect infestation, decomposing, and moisture.   You can also get customized photo boxes and photo albums designed to match the occasion

  • Accessibility:  Photo prints are most relevant in terms of their availability.  You can just pick up the photo album or photo box and view the pictures as and when you feel like.  If you need to show the pictures to your friends, carry the album along.  Your grandparents and kids can view it – you don’t have to be technically skilled to view photo prints. 
  • You don’t need additional devices like computers and tablets or an internet connection to see the pictures.  And physical photographs don’t have the risk of getting accidentally deleted or corrupted due to technical issues.
  • Preservation:  A common problem that occurs with photo prints is their preservation.  Over time, the photographs are inclined to fade and have uneven tones.  Exposure to humidity and sunlight can accelerate this process.  However, these challenges can be minimized by getting the prints done on a superior quality paper, storing them in good quality albums or photo boxes, and keeping the album itself in a neatly ventilated space.  There are physical photo albums that have been treasured over generations. 
  • Cost:   There is an upfront cost involved in getting your photographs printed.  This cost depends on various factors such as the size of the photo, the number of photos and the quality of paper that is used to print them.  The other cost is the storage cost – you have to spend an amount on buying a photo box or an album.  But, once you have got all your photos printed and stored, you have no additional costs.   Unlike, digital photographs, you don’t have to spend money on subscription charges (that some online websites impose to use their services) and on the software applications (like Windows Picture and Fax Viewer or Picasa) to view those photo graphs).

How much ever we advance into the technology and digitize out daily lives, physical photo prints carry a legacy and an elegance that is unmatched.