How to select a small washer and dryer

Washing and drying clothes can turn into a real problem especially if you are living in a small apartment. Space and ventilation is extremely important even for large houses. The design is also mandatory if you are going to place the washer and dryer in the kitchen or living room. You also have to take into account your life-style, home style, efficiency, capacity, energy use, power and budget. As buying a small washer and dryer is a long term investment here are some tips that can help you take the right decision.

3 Things you need to know about the small washer and dryer

  • A small washer and dryer can fit even in small rooms and is easy to transport.
  • They have the same functions as large ones. The only difference is their capacity. As these types of washer and driers cannot handle large loads it is advisable to clean clothes regularly.
  • Branded products are better even if they are more expensive because they provide better service and support if needed.

How to buy a small washer and dryer

Sonya Portable Compact Small Laundry...

  • Make a list. This will help you understand what features you need in order to be effective. Analyze the amount of clothes you wash weekly and how fast they dry. Also consider factors like automatic dispensers, temperature control, rising cycles, stainless steel drum and time delay.
  • Analyze the space. It is extremely important to measure the space you plan to place the small washer and dryer in order to take the right decision. They usually come in small dimensions and can fit even in closets, but knowing the exact dimensions can spare you from another visit to the shop or eventual alterations.
  • Electric or gas? This is a very important question because they come with a specific type of hookups. As the problem is with the dryer, make sure that you select a compatible one.
  • Think about the energy consumption. It is important to know that most small washers and dryers are highly energy-efficient for both water and electricity. Be careful to analyze this feature when you find the brand you like.
  • Think about the price. Most washers and dryers cost somewhere between $600 and $1500. The higher the price the more features it should have. This is why it is important to think about the additional savings (like water, energy, detergent) when purchasing such a model.
  • Talk about it with others. If you plan to buy this type of item online than you should talk to family and friends in order to find out about their personal experiences. Tell them what you plan to purchase and listen to their pieces of advice. On the other hand, if you want to buy it directly from the shop then talk to the employee and explain exactly what you need.

Speed Queen ATE50

Speed Queen ATE50

Speed Queen Ate50 is a stacked electric washer-dryer with 33 cubic foot washer and 70 cubic foot dryer. It has 11 cycles, 8 for washing and 3 for drying. It is very easy to work with as the controls are centrally located.

It is recommended that this washer and dryer to be installed by professionals. Another thing about it is that the dryer does not come with its own plug, so you must consider buying one together with the machine. Also remember to tell the people that install it that it comes with a protection assembly underneath that holds the drum in its place during shipment and it needs to be removed.

Whirlpool LTE5243DQ 24-Inch Thin-Twin Stacked Washer/Dryer Electric Laundry Cent

Whirlpool LTE5243DQ 24-Inch Thin-Twin...

Whirlpool LTE5243DQ 24-Inch Thin-Twin Stacked Washer/Dryer Electric Laundry Cent is a great option for small laundry space. It has 1.5 cubic foot capacity and a porcelain basket. You can also choose from 5 automatic cycles and 5 drying cycles. Other great features include: 4 wash/rinse temperature combinations, 5 spin/wash combinations, 3 water level selections, side-swing door, automatic dry-miser control and end-of-cycle signal.

This small washing machine gets the clothes clean as good as a bigger and more expensive one. The dryer works perfectly and the auto-dry setting does not over heat the laundry. Still you must remember that you cannot wash as many clothes as in a regular washing machine so you may need to use it more frequently if you have a large family. Still this is not a major problem as it is a durable machine.

LG 3.6 Cf Front Load Washer Dryer Combo


LG 3.6 CF front load washer dryer combo has 3.6 cubic foot capacity. It allows you to choose from 9 washing cycles and 6 drying cycles. Even if it can reach 1200 rotations per minute the true balance anti vibration systems prevents it from moving. The direct drive motor comes with 10 year warranty, making it a durable choice.

This washer is extremely easy to install so you do not need professional help. Still it is quite heavy so you may need some additional help to put it in the right place. You can use it for big loads and the drier will get your clothes wrinkle free, making it a good choice for busy families.

Edge Star 2.0 Cu. Ft. Ventless Combo Washer/Dryer – White

EdgeStar 2.0 Cu. Ft. Ventless Combo...

Edge Star 2.0 has cyclonic action drying technology that needs no ventilation. It has 2 different capacities: 15 lbs for washing and 7.71 lbs for drying. The main features of this washer/dryer are: 7 wash cycles, 3 wash/rinse temperatures, 5 spin speeds, adjustable spin time, 3 soil level settings, self-clean setting, triple compartment dispenser (detergent, bleach and fabric softener).

It is a very stable and quiet washing machine even if it spins really fast. The controls are easy to understand. This great washer and dryer is perfect for families that live in a small house or apartment without washer/dryer hookups.